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Name of Collection:Jade



Collection specification: Weight 58.3 G, weight 33.1 G, weight 104.6 G



How to trade:Dubai Auction House



Popular saying, beautiful stone for Jade, jade is the essence of the stone, Buddha said that the earth relic, is the spirit of evil dispelling evil.


Today, let's take a look at jade. Recently, Yichang Sheng Culture and Art Co. , Ltd. , a well-known trading center, was lucky enough to solicit a group of jade from Ms. Yang.


A glimpse of the golden flower


As the old saying goes, "a gentleman never leaves his body without a reason. ". Jade has been regarded as a friend of man, not only as jewelry, decoration and decoration, but also because it contains a lot of mineral elements, which can help people to keep fit and avoid disasters. So people often say, "people keep jade to support people. ". So what good is wearing jade to people?




古医书称“玉乃石之美者,味甘性平无毒”。据化学分析,玉石含有多种对人体有益的微量元素,如锌、镁、铁、铜、硒、铬、锰、钴等,佩戴玉石可使微量元素被人体皮肤吸收,活化细胞组织,提高人体的免疫功能。倘若佩戴玉手镯加上长期的良性按摩,不仅能被动除视力模糊之疾,而且可以蓄元气,养精神。[白玉] 有镇静,安神之功。[青玉] 避邪恶,使人精力旺盛。[岫岩玉] 对男患者很有效,能提高人的生育能力。[翡翠] 能缓解呼吸道系统的病痛,能帮助人克服抑郁。[独玉] 润心肺,清胃火,明目养颜。[玛瑙] 清热明目。[老玉] 解毒,清黄水,解鼠疮,滋阴乌须,治痰迷惊,疳疮。玉石不但能美化人们的生活,陶冶性情,而且祛病保平安。

Ancient medical books said, "jade is the beauty of stone, sweet non-toxic taste. ". According to chemical analysis, jade contains a variety of beneficial micronutrient, such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, selenium, chromium, manganese, cobalt and so on. Wearing jade can make micronutrient absorbed by human skin and activate cellular tissues, to improve the body's immune function. If you wear jade bracelet with a long-term benign massage, not only can be passive except vision mold and disease, but also can store energy, nourishing the spirit. White Jade has the power to calm and calm the mind. To ward off evil and keep one's spirits high. Xiuyan jade is very effective for male patients and can improve human fertility. Relieves respiratory distress, helps overcome depression. Moisten the heart and lungs, clear the stomach and fire, clear the eyes and nourish the face. Clear the heat and clear the eyes. [ Lao Yu ] detoxify, clear yellow water, remove rat sore, nourishing Yin and beard, treat phlegm-labyrinth convulsion, rickets. Jade can not only beautify people's life, edify temperament, and keep peace.


In real life, many people have the habit of wearing jade around their necks, but in fact, wearing jade is not as casual as wearing gold and silver. When wearing a bracelet, there are rules such as no double wearing, and many people are not aware that when wearing jade around their necks, there are also rules and taboos. If you do not know these taboos, not only can not achieve the "Dai Yu for peace, " the original intention, but will also bring bad luck.


Gentleman without reason, jade does not go to the body, so the sentiment and aura that cultivate for years and years, want more firm and deep than other jade to adorn. And hung around the neck, jade from the heart of the nearest, as long as you keep a sincere heart, jade jewelry will be able to match your heart, help you achieve your aspirations, this collection has a very high potential for appreciation and collection value.


If there are collectors interested in this collection, welcome to our company to negotiate, or contact the marketing department.


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